Sunday, June 6, 2010

L'Oreal's HIP Jelly Balm Review

L'Oreal's HIP Jelly Balm in Ripe
Sale Price: $4.99 Originally $8.99-$9.99

I went to Walgreen's a few days ago and I saw that this product was on sale. So I was like hey let me give this a try. The color I picked up is Ripe which is a reddish orange color. Red-orange you can say. I tried the product not expecting it to have that much pigment. To my surprise the lip balm had a great color payoff. It's a subtle color, but you can see the color and it looks just like the color in the jar. The color last long which completely amazed me. The glossy part did fade after a couple of hours but there was still a hint of color left on my lips. I give this product 5 out of 5 stars. Excellent product! I want to buy all the shades now.

It's All About the Lips.

Ever since the warm weather has finally come to bless us, I have been obsessing over lip products. I'm always on the hunt on what is good out there. As you notice I have a lot of pinks and berry colors, I'm gearing my search towards more corals and peach colors since they are perfect for this nice summer weather. So wish me luck. Here are a few things I've picked and enjoyed.

Lip Products (left to right)

1. CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint (Bath & Body Works)
2. Cover Girl's Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers in 530
3. L'OREAL's Hip Jelly Balm in Ripe
4. Revlon's Lipstick in Soft Nude
5. Revlon's Lipstick in Fushia
6. Maybelline's Lipstick in Pink Please
7. Cover Girl's Outlast Lipstain in 420
8. Cover Girl's Outlast Lipstain in 440
9. Cover Girl's Outlast Lipstain in 400

Swatches Below in order left to right

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Golden Summer

Product used:

1. Highlight eyeshadow (Champagne color will do, something with a little shimmer to it)
2. Golden Bronze eyeshadow (I used my tarte palette)
3. Gold eyeshadow
4. Gel liner black (I used my gel liner from MAC Blacktrack)
5. Blending brush
6. Liner brush
7. Eyeshadow brush

Step1: Place the Highlight color on your brow bone as well as your lid area and inner corners of your eyes
Step2: Take the Golden bronze color and use your eyeshadow brush and place it on outer V of your eyes or the crease.
Step3: Then take the Gold color and place it from the middle of your lid towards the inner corner of your eyes.
Step4: Now it's time to use your blending brush. Blend the Bronze and the Gold so it's a smooth transitions between the colors.
Step5: Lastly take the Highlight color again and go over the inner corners of your eyes.
Step6: Here comes the gel liner. Line your lid as close to your lashes. Make the line thin from the inner corners of the eyes and make them thicker as you go towards the outer corners. Put a wing at the end. It can be hard to make a perfect wing. My trick is using my finger to wipe the wing upwards and make the line straight.
Step7: Curl your lashes and add mascara. My recommendation is L'Oreal's Voluminous in carbon black. THEEE best mascara out there that's affordable.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simple smokey purple.


This look was done with the Sultry palette from Victoria's Secret. With this look I had some dream catcher earrings and a soft pink shirt that kind of drapes. The look reminded me of Dancing with the Wolves.

BTW, the contacts are from Solotica. About $30 for each contact.

New Stuff!

Me and my sister went to the mall to return something at Victoria's Secret and of course we did buy some new things. What girl goes to the mall to return something and comes out empty handed? Not me!

Anyways, I pretty much like the stuff I got at VS.

First I got my #2 favorite perfume.. Body. I love it! It's a little strong, but that's ok I only spray my wrists and rub them together and then one spray on the body. It's a little more subtle when I put it on that way. They had the mist for only $10 so I had to grab it. My #1 perfume of all times is Shi from Alfred Sung. SOO GOOD.

Next I got a palette called Jungle Heat. The packaging reminds me of the limited MAC line they had a while back. The combination of colors are great, they definitely compliment each other. Very pigmented. I love the light color on the very left. It has a very natural highlight to it that goes well under the brow.

Another palette I got is Sultry. The name says it all. The colors are very sultry and gives a great smokey eye. The colors work so well with each other. The black shadow has very fine sparkle of gold which I love. Again very pigmented.

Lastly I got a soothing lib balm in Pretty Buff. The lip balm has a champagne tint with little gold sparkles. Shiny, but not too shiny. It's not as moisturizing and long lasting as I like.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Leave a comment if you like what you see so far!

BEST concealer by far!

Coastscents camo quad concealer: I haven't had anything better than this concealer. It has great coverage no actually I mean the best coverage. I had a gross red pimple that I popped and the concealer made it disappear. COMPLETELY! No one knew a thing. The best part about this is that it was only about $8 bucks. A lot of people say that they don't usually use the white, but I like to use that for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes for a brighter look. There is light, medium and dark to choose form. My color is more of a medium so that is what I have. I'm running out as you can see, so I gotta buy more.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Can't live without!

1. Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder: I'm not kidding when I say miracle worker. This stuff is the best. It sets everything and buffers your look with a flawless finish.

2. Coastal Scent's Bronzer Brush: I bought this brush online (I'm pretty sure a lot of you already know what that is ;D) It was on sale for like $8 but regular price was I think $20. This brush is really really good. I use it to put on my Dream Matte Powder. It's a perfect pair. I swear they are lovers.

3. L'Oreals Magic Base: I must admit I don't have perfect skin like a lot of us, but we do like to make everyone else think we do. This is the stuff for that. If you have problem areas on your face such as bumps, uneven skin tone, this is a pretty good way to cover them. $11

4. Mac's Blacktrack Gel Liner: Even though it dries out a bit, I still love it because is lasts ALL DAY! No joke. When it gets too dry here's a trick. Add a few drops of water or eye drops and use a blow dyer to melt. $16.50

5. Mac Blush: Lasting power is excellent. Period. I especially love their peachy colors. $14

6. Mac's Studio Fix Spray: If you don't have this product, I suggest you go straight to your local Mac store or Macys and pick it up. You'll know why once you try it. $18

7. No.7 lip shine gloss: I love this color! It's the pinkest color they have. I have a olivey medium tan skin tone and so this gloss is just perfect against my color. It also is a great gloss that is not too sticky and it last pretty long with no white streaking. I LOVE IT! $8 Target stores and online.

My Makeup Setup

Usually I'm in a rush in the morning and so I wanted something that will keep my makeup together and is easily accessible. I just bought this makeup organization tray at Target for only $13 bucks. It sits on my bathroom counter and I love it!

Bird's eye view. HA!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My current face situation

I have been noticing that there is a lot of little bumps on my face lately. I don't know if it has to do with the weather. It is getting a bit warm already. Yesterday it was 8o degrees out there! But yeah, they are not pimples or maybe they are little tiny pimples. They are not red or anything they are just like tiny bumps. Anyone have any clue as to what it could be?

Monday, March 22, 2010

L'Oreal's Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

I just bought this yesterday and I tried it this morning before putting on my foundation. It looks like a thick fluff and when you rub it with your fingers it has a velvet texture. It glides very smooth on your face. On my face I tend to have red spots around my cheeks and dryness around my nose and T-zone. After putting on this primer my face seem less red. This is good because you don't have to use as much foundation. The bumps and the dryness on my face seemed like they were buffered out. I say it was a pretty good product. It's not a miracle worker, but it does help. After coming home from work after 6 hours my face still had that matte finish and still had the smoothed out look. I would recommend getting this product for a mild buffering of your face but don't depend on it to work magic. For a drugstore product it does its job and its cheap. The price is about $10.99 at CVS and they even had a sale of buy 1 and get 2nd 50% off. Pretty good deal. Try it out I think most would like it.

Since I can remember...

I have always loved makeup hence the name. Haha Anyways I like to mix it up with my makeup, trying new blends with different colors. I've always been attracted to colors. It can make or break your face, your outfit, your style period. Colors are key and it tells a lot about yourself. I believe that the makeup you wear expresses in a way the way you feel just like a painting would. To be a makeup artist you have to an artist period. I truly believe that. So in this blog I will have some of my makeup examples posted and also some of my reviews about different kinds of makeup.
Hope you have fun with them and hopefully it can help you become more creative! Thanks guys for tuning in!