Thursday, October 27, 2011

Natalia Kills Makeup

I just love her uniqueness and courage to step out the boundaries of style and trends. It has been said that she resembles Lady Gaga and in some respects her style does, but what originates her is her music most off. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but her lyrics are raw and cutting. She extends a truth that any girl or guy can related to on some untouched level. I love her makeup, its very much me! If only I have the courage to wear my makeup like that in public I would! It's simple yet sexy and edgy!

What you guys think, should I attempt it? I THINK SO! WATCH FOR A MAKEUP TUTORIAL!

Sephora's Friends and Family Discount!

Have you been eying a certain expensive makeup product that you haven't pushed yourself to get because the price seemed unbearable? Well, now you are justified! There is a friends and family 20% DISCOUNT at Sephora going on right this second!! It ends 11/2, so get with it now!!

Here's a link on how to get a discount code:

Enjoy guys!

I have bought some stuff and will be showing it to you guys in the next few days!