Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Haul Review.

First off, I would like to say I'm in looove! I've been trying to find the bronzer that suited me best and now that I've found this bronzer I can finally live in peace. For over a year I have been using Stila's Bronzer 01, but I find it is too light making it more of a blush than a bronzer on me. Applying Hoola gives me a nice glow and a natural contouring affect to my face. Why diet when you can look slim with makeup! $26-$28 5/5 Stars

My skin is rather dry, which is extremely annoying. Looking like I have danduff on my face ain't cute! I find that this product makes me even more dry. I mean, it's a no brainer that powder is probably not the best thing for a dry face, but I wanted to give it a try since there were soooo many great reviews. I'm sure it would work better in the summer when my face generates more moisture. $15 (Got the smaller version to test out) 3/5 stars

This eyeshadow quad is pretty decent. The eyeshadows have good pigmentation and it is long lasting. The colors compliment each other and it looks natural and elegant on my eyes. The bottom shadow is actually a powder eyeliner, which works great. Very natural, yet strong enough to me a liner. The only con would be the price. I mean $48, come on now. For that price this thing should be gravitating off the floor and be putting my makeup on for me. If it was half the price I'd say it was a bit worth it. 3/5 stars

These are the lipsticks I mentioned in my Spring Haul.
(From right to left)
1. MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick, Gotta Dash!
2. Lancome's Lipstick, Wannabe
3. Elizabeth Arden's Exceptional Lipstick, Hot Pink

Here are swatches.

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick, Gotta Dash!
Once I saw this at the MAC counter I just had to get it! The color is a beautiful coral that is subtle and looks perfect against my warm skin color. Spring has sprung finally and this lipstick just shouts spring. The color got me hooked; the only con would be that the formula should be a bit more moisturizing. I find that it clumps a bit and shows my fine lines on my lips. I have to add a lipgloss to compensate for these lacking features. 3/5 stars $14.50

Lancome's Lipstick, Wannabe
I'm completly in love with this lipstick! The color is perfect for my skintone. I got all kinds of compliments on this lipstick. The magenta color makes your lips pop especially against my Hoola bronzer. It's moisturizing and doesn't show the fine lines of my lips. Too bad this lipstick is not permanent, it was part of some free samples I got. =( Booo! 5/5 stars

Elizabeth Arden's Exceptional Lipstick, Pink Vibrations
MAC's new Quite Cute Collection just recently came out and I was eying the lipstick, Candy Yum-Yum, but of course it was sold out before I can even contemplate getting it. I was at Macy's when I tried it on and I was shocked that it looked gorgeous on me. I was afraid it would be too loud, but it complimented my skin perfectly. Since they were out I wanted to find an alternative. This is what I found. Elizabeth Arden's Pink Vibrations lipstick was an exact match and I love it! $19.50 4/5 stars

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  1. Mac's Gotta Dash lipstick is one of my most favorite colors ever!! Yes, a little drying, but putting a little chapstick before the lipstick helps a little!